Our Story – Barn Diva Boutique
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       Barn Diva Boutique is a love story between mother and daughter.


      Roxann (Mom) has always loved accessories....taking pride in the jewelry and fashion she wore even during her younger years. In fact, it wasn’t uncommon for Roxann to mix and match jewelry, often customizing pieces to create a distinct look she could never seem to find in local stores.


      Roxann’s passion for jewelry and fashion was never more apparent than when her daughter, Shawna was born. Roxann reveled in dressing Shawna up, and it was the love for her daughter where her love for jewelry and fashion blossomed even more; so much so that Roxann’s contagious enthusiasm for jewelry and fashionable accessories was passed down to her daughter.


      To this day, the mother and daughter team share a mutual love and admiration for the power of fashionable accessories. Although they have different styles, both Roxann and Shawna agree that customized, unique jewelry and accessories will not only make you look better but most importantly make you feel better and give you more confidence. Whether you are running to the store in sweats with your hair up or dressed up for a formal gathering, even a simple pair of earrings can make all the difference in how you look and feel.


      Roxann and Shawna’s lifelong affinity for jewelry and fashion accessories is where Barn Diva Boutique was born. Each and every piece we sell is designed or handpicked with love and attention to detail...because WE will be wearing it too!! 


      Barn Diva Boutique will bring out the ultimate Diva in you without breaking the bank.


      Thanks for stopping by, and we hope you come back to visit us soon.

      With Diva Love,

      ~~Roxann & Shawna~~ xoxo


      Stay the fabulous Diva you are!